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For a busy married couple in New York City, the sudden opportunity for one half to transfer part-time to Madison, Wisconsin to become a key component in his business growth opened the door to create a home away from home in the City of Four Lakes.  Playing off their chic, Manhattan home, masculine pieces with metallic and sculptural touches help to create a reflective vibe in this lofty apartment in the heart of Capital Square.  A bold blue painted wall anchors the living, dining and kitchen areas, allowing for the hand-drawn art to shine over the sofa.  A tonal area rug helps to unify the multi-use space into a warm oasis on the concrete floor.  Warm accents in the bedroom create interest upon walking in, providing a sense of architecture in the room, with the bed truly focal.  Personal touches throughout warm up the space and set the foundation for the couple to build their second home together.

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