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DACRON | Home Fashions Market Week, NYC

Photography by Steven Zeswitz, Brad Baker & Carter Thompson

One of our most educational experiences has come from a series of pop-up showrooms that we designed for the Dacron Brand, a scientifically-driven line of fibers that go into pillows, mattress pads and comforters.  Each type of fiber can dictate the loft, the amount of moisture, the cooling effect or the memory of your pillow, and other utility bedding.  In short, the science behind Dacron is the science of comfort. 

Physicalizing this concept in the various showroom spaces over the course of six biannual Market Weeks was a balancing act, as the data and claims represented on graphic signage needed to be softened by the utility bedding products and lifestyle photography.  A lab-like sensibility was always present though the use of color evolved from monochromatic and serene to bold and colorful.  The dual challenge of making the venue (often a hotel) seem like a scientifically-driven showroom environment while effectively communicating each Market Week’s messaging informed the foundational room elements.  For us, it was a unique opportunity to help a brand physically evolve every six months.

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